These is the training programme for the technical and academic mobility of the ERASMUS+ KA203 project E-LENGUA to the University of Bolonia:

More information can be found in the E-LENGUA mobility webpage of the University of Bolonia.

Here are some pictures of the experience of Prof. Daniela Modrescu from TCD and Licia Bagini from UNIVPOITERS during their mobility at UNIBO:

“The rich programme of the E-LENGUA training enabled me to gain new knowledge in the use of new technologies applied to language learning and teaching, as well as to gain further access to the social and academic network of the e-learning environment, and creating new connections for possible future collaboration…. Its benefits are not limited here, and therefore, I am very grateful to have had the possibility to participate, and I look forward to apply the knowledge I have gained through it, and to the next E-LENGUA mobility.”

“It’s a very interesting program to seek solutions to make aware of ICT in the teaching of foreign languages for users of different ages. This project enriched my skills, it permitted me to discover innovative methodologies of teaching and to exchange and share experience with international colleagues.”


The candidates of the technical and academic training at the University of Bolonia attended the meeting Settimana di studio E-LENGUA “Esperienze di e-learning per la italiano: bilanci e prospettive”.