University of Salamanca Project Description

Here is the description of the University of Salamanca Project development within E-LENGUA


MOOC Quality Report, written and published by the E-LENGUA team at the University of Salamanca, which is the bases of the USAL approach to the MOOC created for the project.

Poster presented by Prof. Carla Amorós and Prof. Maria Ángeles Recio at the XXVII International Conference of ASELE at Universidad de la Rioja-Logroño (Spain, 9/9/2016).

Paper M.ª Ángeles Recio Ariza & Carmela Tomé Cornejo (2017): “Towards a new language MOOC. The case of Habla bien, escribe mejor. Claves para un uso correcto del español (Talk properly, write better. Keys to a proper use of Spanish)”. Caracteres. Estudios culturales y críticos de la esfera digital Vol.6 nº2 (ISSN: 2254-4496), pp. 298-322.