E-LENGUA Intellectual Outputs

E-LENGUA benefits users of different ages and backgrounds: language teaching professionals, researchers in applied linguistics and foreign language students.

The expected intellectual outputs of this project are (see a complete report here):


IO02: seven tangible and measurable products carried out by the seven partner universities that can help to meet seven challenges posed by the use of technology as an educational tool in foreign language teaching (English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese).

Click on each institution to see updated information about the activities of the IO02 carried out there:

Here you can download the publications of E-LENGUA intellectual output 02 in Caracteres. Estudios culturales y críticos de la esfera digital Vol.6 nº2 (ISSN: 2254-4496), pp. 281-480. (Full databases and indexing/impact information here)

Next publication: monographic in Círculo de Lingüística Aplicada a la Comunicación (CLAC): “Vías de transformación en la enseñanza de lenguas con mediación tecnológica” (scheduled: December 2018). (Full databases and indexing/impact information here)

Here a report on all the publications made in the context of E-LENGUA.

Universidad de Salamanca


Universidade de Coimbra


Université de Poitiers


Université degli Studi di Bologna


Universität Heidelberg


Trinity College Dublin


Cairo University



The experiences of IO02 are included in IO05FOCO, an open access repository of best practices in language teaching innovation available on a free website.

This repository gathers information about best practices in foreign language teaching using ICT and makes it available through its interactive database.

Anyone can collaborate sending a best practice, that will be reviewed according to the UNESCO quality criteria and published in FOCO.

More information about FOCO here and clicking on the logo: