Less Widely Used and Less Taught Languages Workshop (LWWULT) in Cyprus

13th June 2017

E-LENGUA is presented at the Less Widely Used and Less Taught Languages Workshop (LWULTL) in Cyprus (16th-17th June 2017).

Dr. Freiderikos Valetopoulos, E-LENGUA coordinator of the University of Potiers, is part of the organising committee of this event.

Dr. Christine Chanudet and Dr. Hélène Carpentier, teachers of French as a Foreign Language, who are working on the E-LENGUA project at the Centre de Français Langue Étrangère of the University of Poitiers, are organising a workshop about the use of mobiles phones in the classrooms of French as a Foreign Language.

You can find more information about this workshop in the official webpage of LWULTL.

Here the programme and the description of the event.


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