E-LENGUA Multiplier Event in July 2017

The Department of German as a Foreign Language Philology, in cooperation with the Centre for Iberoamerican Studies, is organising an international Multiplier and Networking Event on the issue of E-Learning Novelties in Foreign and Second Language Acquisition at Heidelberg University on 7 July 2017.

On the basis of research findings on language acquisition and language teaching, we shall be analysing potentialities for broadening the instruction of foreign and second languages via the addition of technology-based teaching/studying methods and evaluation systems.

Initial results from the E-LENGUA subprojects will be presented and discussed; in E-LENGUA, colleagues from the universities of Salamanca, Bologna, Coimbra, Poitiers, Cairo, Heidelberg and from Trinity College Dublin are doing research on innovative virtual methods for teaching and studying foreign and second language acquisition, aiming at universal and unrestricted access to language learning.

At this event, national and international participants Ph.D. students and junior scholars in particular are invited to present the results from their own research projects as well as their practical experience in foreign language teaching (poster presentations).

The keynote speaker will be our colleague Prof. Kim Haataja from the University of Tampere, a renowned expert on the development of video material for CLIL-based instruction methods and studying techniques.

Planned for the afternoon is a series of workshops on the topics of Massive motivation, autonomous learning and online language assessment, Affective and intercultural components in FL/SL learning and teaching, and Collaboration, interaction and computer-mediated communication in FL/SL learning and teaching.

Here the website of the event.


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